Brand consultancy: Our finest consultants can make your business that much better 


A brand is more than simply a company name, a logo, or a strapline; it is the essence of your operation and what helps differentiate you from competitors. It ought to evoke feelings in your target audience. Your brand is the focal point of your marketing, and it is our responsibility to assist you in delivering a consistent, satisfying brand experience to all of your customers. 


Whether you’re a startup or a SME, we can work with you to develop a visual identity and tone of voice that will set your company apart from the competition. 


Our solutions: 

 The majority of Penguin Swimming Pools’ leads originated from personal connections, recommendations, and word of mouth. In order to strengthen their position in the industry, build online exposure, spread awareness, and produce leads, they sought to connect with a new market niche.   


A marketing audit and analysis of existing digital marketing consultant initiatives were performed by Carter Consulting. Then, we began to concentrate on creating tactics that would raise exposure for Penguin Swimming Pools by emphasizing PPC, social media advertisements, website optimization, and SEO, finally resulting in lead generation and sales.  



Penguin Swimming Pools sought to optimise its marketing initiatives, enhance lead generation on paid search and paid social, and maintain a target cost per lead. 

The following fixes were put into place thanks to Carter Consulting collaboration with Penguin Swimming Pools.  


Carter Consulting reorganized its Google Ads account and improved the account performance to maximize lead generation on paid search. Carter Consulting also assisted in developing highly targeted advertising that maximized lead production at a low cost per lead.  


Carter Consulting created and implemented lead generation ads on both platforms by localizing core users through channel experimentation (between Facebook and Instagram), detailed demographic targeting, and ad content experimentation in order to achieve the conversions across Facebook and Instagram: more quality leads, sales, and better-converting traffic.   



Online presence: 


Prospects can locate your company online, but having a strong online presence also encourages them to interact with you. 

Since your brand and website are what potential consumers see first, it is crucial to express your USP and show your clients the advantages your solutions may offer.   

We create websites that are user-friendly, responsive, and appealing to your consumers. 





Insights on your company and the larger market are provided by us using a comprehensive methodology. We gather information to determine what matters most to your clients, assisting you in more successfully relating your goods and services to your target market. To develop specialized marketing strategist, we analyze your company’s surroundings and go through your business objectives using our extensive marketing expertise, current industry knowledge, and flexible attitude.  


We employ a go-to- marketing strategist by utilizing data and creativity to provide a practical, results-driven approach, regardless of whether you’re launching a new product or want to revisit your current brand. Increasing your marketing’s efficiency is frequently the quickest path to reaching your business goals.  


We develop a workable strategy of marketing strategist initiatives that represent your brand and consistently attract new customers. Beyond the fundamentals, we can assist you in fully comprehending your marketing performance, including what worked well, what needs improvement, and whether any new chances can be taken advantage of.  

We concentrate on measures that have a positive correlation with sales results, utilizing both quantitative and qualitative data to verify your progress and offer suggestions for how to improve your tactics.

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